Document Your Complete Brand

The purpose of GoTo Guidelines brand standards is simple — to protect the equity of your brand by ensuring consistency across all forms of communication. Our manual spells out how every visual component works together and provides instruction and detail on how it should appear in print, on the web and in various other formats.

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Pricing for Branding GoTo Guidelines


Our team will review your existing materials, systems and usage of the brand to begin organizing and establishing baseline consistency. We will conduct a Discovery Session that will help you communicate the Vision and Values of your Brand to ensure that all elements and uses align with these standards.
Branding audits typically cost $5,000


After reviewing all the assets, we will identify and define your primary brand elements, call attention to missing components and explore opportunities for brand expansion. We will develop the instructional language that will communicate how and when your brand should be used.


Once we have identified, clarified and organized all brand elements and assets, we will create and compile your manual. We provide both a custom-designed, hard-bound document as well as the electronic formats you will need for distribution to broader audiences.

We can survey your campus, district or site – free of charge, with no obligation – to offer you an accurate proposal.