Brand Programs

Seek shelter for your brand with standards

1. The Existing Brand
If you find that your brand has lost its way or is becoming diluted because the people within your organization, your stakeholders or external partners are not using it consistently or appropriately, it is time to set the rules!

2. The New Brand
Don’t leave your new brand to fend for itself — get it started on the right path with a Brand Standards Manual. If you are thinking about branding or re-branding, don’t forget to include this essential tool as part of your scope.

Our team will review your existing materials, systems and usage of the brand to begin organizing and establishing baseline consistency. We will conduct a Discovery Session that will help you communicate the Vision and Values of your Brand to ensure that all elements and uses align with these standards.

After reviewing all the assets, we will identify and define your primary brand elements, call attention to missing components and explore opportunities for brand expansion. We will develop the instructional language that will communicate how and when your brand should be used.

Once we have identified, clarified and organized all brand elements and assets, we will create and compile your manual. We provide both a custom-designed, hard-bound document as well as the electronic formats you will need for distribution to broader audiences.


Signage & Wayfinding Programs

Provide direction for your sign programs

1. The Existing Sign System
Know the signs — if you find that over time the sign systems within your building or campus have grown into a hodgepodge of differing styles, sizes, or designs in an attempt to address identification or direction without proper instruction for what to select, purchase and install, it’s time to standardize!

2. The New Sign System
For custodians of complex environments who have to plan, develop, and maintain extensive sign programs, we highly recommend including GoTo Guidelines as part of your project’s scope of work. With the level of documentation we maintain during the course of our design process, providing you with this very important tool is done with ease.

Our team will visit your site to photo-document, measure and assess the existing conditions of your sign program. We will conduct a Discovery Session that will help us understand the unique wayfinding, usage and maintenance issues for your system.

After reviewing and documenting the sign program, we will make recommendations to potentially expand the sign system family with missing sign types or determine new materials and methods for construction.

We will collect, organize and compile existing drawings for your program or develop new instructional drawings if necessary. We will document all necessary information for specifying and ordering signs from your system including appropriate programming language and nomenclature, materials, construction, and installation methods as well as maintenance instructions. We will provide an expandable 3-ring manual as well as electronic formats necessary for distribution to broader audiences.



Each project is unique, so we find that the best pricing comes from understanding the particulars of the job. If you’re unsure of what you might need, we recommend starting with the Audit. Audits typically start at $5,000 for brand and $10,000 for signage projects. From there, we can outfit you with any additional services or tools you may need.

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