• Sustainable Cleveland GoTo Guidelines
  • Sustainable Cleveland GoTo Guidelines
  • Sustainable Cleveland GoTo Guidelines

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Sustainable Cleveland 2019 is a 10-year initiative to catalyze action and create a vibrant sustainable economy for the City of Cleveland. The SC2019 Action and Resources Guide was prepared to align and guide all future Sustainable Cleveland 2019 activities. Studio Graphique was tasked with developing a brand identity for Sustainable Cleveland 2019 as well as a comprehensive design for the final guide.

The brand elements include an iconic shape symbolic of both the seeds we plant and the life that emerges from them. Working together they can create endless combinations. The brand was then extended to online platforms including a website, Facebook and Twitter skins, and a physical space: The Sustainable Cleveland Center. These platforms were integral for creating spaces for the community to work together and communicate openly on the efforts being made by the City and working groups.

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