The Significance of Standards

GoTo Guidelines records the standards of your signage system – those choices, details and decisions made during the design process – in order to maintain purpose, cohesiveness and longevity. These standards prove critical as they allow you and anyone who touches your sign program to make consistent and error-free decisions.

Efficiency Through Clarity

Precise standards establish uniformity and clarity so that visitors can complete their trip without getting turned around or lost. Our standardized sign programs help produce aesthetically appropriate and cost-effective solutions for places that require high quantities of signs to be maintained and replaced with ease.

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Pricing for Signage GoTo Guidelines


Our team will visit your site to photo-document, measure and assess the existing conditions of your sign program. We will conduct a Discovery Session that will help us understand the unique wayfinding, usage and maintenance issues for your system.

Signage audits typically cost $10,000.


After reviewing and documenting the sign program, we will make recommendations to potentially expand the sign system family with missing sign types or determine new materials and methods for construction.


We will collect, organize and compile existing drawings for your program or develop new instructional drawings, if necessary. We will document all pertinent information for specifying and ordering signs from your system, including appropriate programming language and nomenclature, materials, construction, installation methods, and maintenance instructions.

We will provide an expandable 3-ring manual as well as electronic formats necessary for distribution to broader audiences.